The process of cleaning the organic, colored and inorganic substances formed by the porous enamel on the surface of the teeth with tooth whitening gels is called teeth whitening. In addition, teeth whitening procedures include the whitening process applied to make the appearance of your teeth lighter. You can have a natural look by lightening the existing color a few tones.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening; It is the process of cleaning the organic, inorganic and colored substances formed in the porous enamel layer on the tooth surface with the help of whitening gel. It also includes the teeth whitening process used to make the appearance of your teeth whiter and brighter. You can have a natural smile by lightening the existing color a few shades.


Teeth Whitening

Regarding tooth surface teeth whitening treatment; While you will receive professional support, you can partially achieve this process with teeth whitening methods at home. However, since the application method and effectiveness of each method are different; In terms of dental health, the techniques recommended for each patient may vary. Within the scope of digital smile design, you should have this application done in the clinic.

Who is Teeth Whitening Suitable for?

People attach great importance to the appearance of teeth. Conditions such as discoloration or shape changes in the teeth can become psychologically damaging. Thanks to technological developments in dentistry, many shape, color and position disorders can be easily resolved. With these details of the procedure, teeth whitening is easier and more economical than other restorative details.

Although teeth whitening is a treatment method suitable for everyone, it is necessary to be examined by a dentist before whitening. Conditions such as advanced decay and gum diseases can be detected with your teeth.

In this case, the problems should be resolved and then teeth whitening should be applied. At the same time, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should be more careful during teeth whitening procedures. Do not follow these procedure details without being examined by your physician.

Can Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Whiten Their Teeth?

Substances used in dentistry; There is no scientific evidence that it passes from milk to the baby or that it is harmful to the child during pregnancy. However, for precautionary purposes, it is recommended to pour out the milk to be given to the baby after the procedure. After the procedure, you can start breastfeeding your baby 2 – 3 hours later. If you are pregnant; You can apply home whitening methods under the supervision of a doctor without taking any risks.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Gel Take to Provide Results?

The gel applied during the teeth whitening process contains a large amount of bleaching substances. However, this rate; It may vary depending on the person’s whitening needs. How is teeth whitening performed in a clinical setting? How long does it take to take effect?

●       First of all, the tartar on the patient’s tooth surface is cleaned and the tartar is cleaned.
●       Before the light source, teeth whitening gel is applied.
●       Laser enamel whitening device; It is applied to the tooth surface to remove the whitening substance in the gel.
●       The gel on the tooth surface begins to penetrate the tooth enamel.
●       Thanks to the active ingredients it contains, it starts to show its effect within 24 hours.

As for home-style teeth whitening methods; It is done by applying gel to mouthpieces prepared in accordance with the tooth structure. The gel in this plastic measure, which is kept in the mouth, penetrates the teeth and the desired whiteness can be achieved in an average of 5 to 7 days. So, what is the price and procedure time for laser teeth whitening?

Why Does Teeth Whiteness Disappear?

Structural disorders that occur during tooth formation and some antibiotics used during childhood or in the womb may cause loss of tooth whiteness. In addition, discoloring substances such as cigarettes, tea and coffee consumed during the day negatively affect dental health.

The amount of fluoride in drinking water can also cause whitening of teeth. Generally speaking, there are two types of discoloration in teeth. These can be listed as follows;


Internal Coloration

These are stains that penetrate the structure of the teeth and cannot be removed even by brushing. These structural disorders occur during the formation of teeth. Teeth whitening is carried out successfully in many people with this type of tooth structure.


It occurs when foods eaten or drank during the day stick to the tooth surfaces and color the teeth. Such discoloration details are mostly removed after dental cleaning. However, different types of coloration may require special treatment processes. At this stage, your dentist will decide the appropriate treatment method for you.

Are Teeth Whitening Procedures Safe?

Physician opinion and treatment are very important in teeth whitening procedures. Suitability may be offered depending on the color and structure of your teeth. In this sense, as Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we stand by you in the entire process management. You can contact us for the most accurate treatment process.

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

All whitening gels may cause conditions such as less sensitivity in the teeth. You may be sensitive to hot, cold drinks and even the weather. This is considered normal and expected after treatment.

If the sensitivity you experience after the treatment does not disappear within 24-48 hours, it is recommended that you stop using whitener. Apply the toothpaste, fluoride and creams recommended by your dentist. Additionally, toothpastes containing potassium nitrate may be recommended to reduce this sensitivity.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

If teeth whitening is done by a dentist, it does not cause damage to tooth enamel. However, permanent damage may occur as a result of uncontrolled application of products purchased from the internet or markets. Possible side effects in the teeth whitening process are as follows;

Dehydration occurs after bleaching. This means water loss in the teeth. Teeth that look more opaque and dull in the first week; After the water loss returns, it will appear transparent.
After teeth whitening, tooth sensitivity occurs. It disappears within 24 – 48.
Soft tissue irritation occurs. This means that the whitening gel damages the gum, cheek and lip tissues.
During whitening, tooth enamel hardness will decrease. You can restore it by following the necessary rules.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Effect Last?


Teeth whitening results vary depending on a person’s tooth structure. If we were to give an approximate period of time; A stability of 6-2 years may be offered. Of course, this process is a situation that depends on the individual. Dental care processes must be carried out well and situations that will damage your teeth must be avoided. You should also perform dental care without any interruption.

Is Permanent Teeth Whitening Possible?

The whitening process is a painless procedure. This process; If it is performed under the supervision of a dentist, for the correct treatment period and with quality materials, it maintains its permanence. At the same time, you should not neglect dental care after treatment.

The permanence of whitening results varies from person to person. The important thing here is to provide the most appropriate lightness for your skin and tooth color. How long does the teeth whitening effect last? In response to the question, you can answer 2 years. Although this period varies individually; In order to increase the duration, there are some practices that should be taken into consideration after whitening;

  • You should pay attention to dental care and cleanliness.
  • Within a week after teeth whitening is achieved; Stay away from foods such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine and tomato paste.
  • Even if you consume it, brush your teeth afterwards.
  • You can maintain the consistency of teeth whitening with natural methods at home. You can occasionally brush your teeth with baking soda and lemon mixture, strawberry-baking soda mixture, banana peel, baking soda-cinnamon-sage mixture.
  • Pay attention to the use of dental floss on your teeth.
  • Get checked regularly and at regular intervals.

Are Home Teeth Whitening Methods Healthy?

Are you looking for a solution to your teeth that turn yellow and lose their whiteness over time, without going to the doctor? The natural whitening methods listed in the table below do not cause any harm to you. However, you need to apply it correctly and at the right time intervals. What are the home methods for teeth whitening?

Tooth paste
Baking Soda and Vinegar
Bay Leaf and Orange
Cinnamon and Baking Soda

Application is made with baking soda, salt or other materials. However, there are doubts about the soundness of these practices. Because professional support is required for teeth whitening. Otherwise, let alone getting beneficial results, you may even damage your teeth. That’s why you shouldn’t proceed by using the mentioned materials at home.


You can whiten your teeth with professional help by choosing Mehmet Eker Dental Clinic. Thus, you can protect your teeth by getting results in a short time. It will be enough to make an appointment for the applications where you can see the results within a few sessions. You can meet your needs in a short time by contacting our company via our clinic’s phone number.

Moreover, it is inexpensive, harmless and completely in compliance with health rules! Your private dentists will bring you the desired tooth tone in a short time. If you wish, you can reach us through our clinic’s contact information. Thus, you can increase your self-confidence by achieving the best results in the field of dental aesthetics within your appointment.

Tips for Bright Teeth

Avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Almost anything containing acid can cause a dull appearance on your teeth. Moreover;

  • Brush and rinse your teeth immediately after consuming foods or drinks that may cause staining.
  • Follow the steps recommended by your doctor for good oral hygiene.
  • Avoid tobacco.
  • Avoiding pipes, cigars and cigarettes, which cause yellowing of teeth, will help you have both white teeth and a good heart.
  • You can have regular maintenance done by your dentist.
  • Professional cleaning performed by your specialist will remove the stained plaque on your teeth.
  • In this way, you can not only look great but also feel good.
  • Do not skip your touch-up treatments.

How Much Are Teeth Whitening Prices?

Teeth whitening fee; It is determined according to the current price list by the Turkish Dental Association. Even though the procedure is the same, prices vary in each clinic. The technique and teeth whitening method applied in public hospitals, private clinics and private hospitals change the transaction price. Other factors affecting the price are:

  • Equipment of a dentist performing whitening
  • Methods used
  • Technological devices suitable for the age used
  • Yellowing rate of the tooth
  • Problems on the tooth surface
  • Hospital difference
  • Dental campaign opportunities


You can compare prices by doing research on the internet. Also, if you suffer from yellowness of your teeth; You can make an appointment at Mehmet Eker Clinic and leave yourself in the hands of the expert staff. You can get detailed information about permanent, long-lasting and affordable whitening with modern technological devices.

As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we are with you in all teeth whitening processes. In particular, your information will not be shared with anyone within the scope of the personal data protection law no. 6698. You can contact us for process management and all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a method also known as bleaching and there are many questions about it. Research is being conducted on professional teeth whitening as well as home teeth whitening. Although the issue is underestimated like dental stone cleaning, the situation is quite critical and comprehensive. Therefore, you should not have any questions about teeth whitening methods before choosing the application.

Are Teeth Cleaning and Whitening the Same?

There is a difference between teeth cleaning and teeth whitening methods. The cleaning process takes place on the dental stones and gums. The main goal is to eliminate harmful substances in the mouth. Cleaning bacteria and tartar does not cause whitening of teeth. Possible decay and color changes are prevented.

On the other hand, a teeth whitening process causes the color of the tooth to lighten. Tooth type is effective in lightening tooth color. However, whether office type or different types, stains are eliminated after the whitening process. Thanks to whitening methods, the color of the tooth becomes lighter. Although it has different names such as office whitening, the basic purpose is to achieve an aesthetic appearance through color change.

Is Instant Teeth Whitening Possible at Home?

Patients first try natural methods (!) to achieve whitening teeth at home. Although it seems like a very attractive and affordable method, it is not healthy. First of all, it is not possible to provide instant whiteness. Because such a process is only possible with health products.
Foods and nutrients used at home cause harm, not benefit, to the teeth. It damages tooth enamel due to the acid it contains. It is effective in melting the surface, especially if there is a filling or coating. The melted tooth wears out over time and decay occurs more easily. It will be an invitation to undesirable situations.

What whitens teeth the fastest?

If you do not have the luxury of waiting for a long time to whiten your teeth, you need to find the shortest way. You can choose this method to feel and look better on special occasions. Since you cannot achieve whitening as quickly as possible at home, it is necessary to get service from a dentist.
Dentists use materials specifically for use in this field. You can achieve whiteness in a short time with materials that are not harmful to your health but also beneficial to your teeth. The materials applied to the teeth will remove the layer on the teeth and provide a lighter color.

Is There Permanent Teeth Whitening?

Although there are products that are effective and provide whitening in a short time, permanent whitening of teeth is almost impossible. Because people will come into contact with your teeth while eating or drinking. Even if you brush your teeth at every stage, it is impossible for the teeth not to be affected by this situation. Although permanent whiteness is not provided for a lifetime, you can achieve whiteness that you can use for a long time.

You can increase the duration of whitening if you whiten your teeth under the supervision of a doctor and keep them under control. In particular, it is necessary to be under the supervision of a doctor for several sessions and to have cleaning and whitening done. This way, you can have white teeth without having to reapply for years.

What are the Teeth Whitening Methods?

More than one method is used today to achieve whitening teeth. These methods vary depending on the person to be applied and the tooth structure. Generally, methods using classical whitening materials are common. It will be applied to the outer surface and will take effect in a short time.
On the other hand, you can lighten the color by injecting a material such as a filling into the inner part of the tooth. Depending on the dentist’s opinion, you can choose one of two methods. Regardless of the method, the main goal is to get rid of the tooth color that the patient is uncomfortable with.

How Many Times Is Teeth Whitening Done?

The patient who will undergo whitening in the first stage should act knowing that he/she will have to repeat this process. Teeth whitening done once will not be enough. Depending on the method of use and dental hygiene, it is necessary to perform the procedure more than once. Otherwise, the color of the teeth may be worse than before.
The tooth whitening method should generally be renewed every 6 months or every 1 year. You can repeat this until you achieve the whiteness that you find permanent and sufficient. Your doctor should give you information about how many times it should be done and how long it will take to repeat it. But here the choice is entirely yours.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

You do not need to wait for years to see results after application. You will have teeth whitening after the first or second session. Your tooth color will lighten directly. It is not necessary to continue the process for years due to the ingredients that give an effect in a short time.

How Many Sessions Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Whitening can be done in a single session, depending on the condition of the tooth to be treated. However, general acceptance is that the process is completed in two sessions. Although the materials used are suitable for the person’s health, the gums are a sensitive area. Performing all applications in a single session can increase sensitivity.
If the whitening process is divided into two sessions, the permanence rate will increase and the sensitivity will decrease. You can find out the number to be done with the dentist who will perform the procedure. Your doctor will calculate the most accurate information specifically for you regarding the duration of the procedure and the number of times it will be repeated.

How Old Should Teeth Whitening Be?

Although achieving whiter teeth is an attractive treatment, it is not a procedure that can be performed at any age. It is a method that is not recommended especially for children. You must be at least 16 years old to apply. It can be applied to individuals over 16 years of age and adults with peace of mind.
Although the general rule is the minimum age of 16, the dentist’s opinion is effective. If it is not deemed appropriate after examination by the physician, a postponement may be made. Depending on the patient’s condition and his own experience, the dentist may also request that the patient be at least 18 years old.

Which Department Should You Go to for Teeth Whitening?

Dentists will help with traditional teeth whitening. However, you can get the best results from dentists who are experts in this field. For dentists who are active and experienced in their field, you can apply to the clinic where Mehmet Eker and his dentists are located.

The dentists in the clinic will work professionally to achieve whitening of your teeth. Planning is done for the look you need. In return for this planning, you can get satisfactory results in one or two sessions.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

During the whitening application, no application is made that affects the inside of the tooth, such as filling or root canal treatment. Therefore, it is impossible for the patient to feel any emotion during the application. It will be enough for him to wait while lying in the dentist’s chair. The necessary procedures will be carried out by the dentist without being noticed.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

In order to cause pain in the tooth, an application that will have a high level of impact on the tooth must be performed. However, when whitening teeth, only the surface of the tooth is treated. Special whitening gels are applied and then the light is expected to lighten the tooth tone.
It is known that in this method, the patient does not feel pain during the application. There is no pain other than pain. There is a possibility of pain relief on the first day after the application. This may develop due to gum sensitivity. However, there is no guarantee that every patient will experience pain.

Does Teeth Whitening Cause Sensitivity?

One of the mildest dental treatments and procedures is whitening. Whitening is not a difficult process, it is easily achieved. However, it is possible for the patient to experience sensitivity after the application. Sensitivity is a temporary and quite natural situation.
Tooth sensitivity is a condition that can be seen in almost all dental treatments. The main reason for this sensitivity is that the gums and teeth are exposed to foreign substances. As a result of this situation noticed in the mouth, sensitivity may be observed. While it can occur in the tooth, it can also occur partially in the gum.

Who Shouldn't Teeth Whitening Be Applied to?

Although everyone wishes to achieve whiter teeth, there are some people for whom this cannot be done. First of all, if the person is under 16-18 years of age, such a procedure cannot be performed by the dentist. The patient’s mouth and tooth structure is expected to settle and grow.

It is not a recommended method for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Although no medication is injected, rays are used during the application. As much as possible, the child will need to be born and the breastfeeding period will need to end. Thus, healthier practices can be implemented.

Does Teeth Whitening Make Sense?

It is a very logical application. Tooth discoloration and staining are primarily dangerous for oral and dental health. The resulting stains progress and trigger the formation of bacteria. As a result, the likelihood of caries formation will increase. Caries may develop over time, leading to tooth loss.

Spotting is also impressive in terms of psychological health. The patient does not want to talk and is afraid to laugh due to his dental structure. Teeth whitening would be quite correct and logical in order to eliminate this situation that creates insecurity. Application should be made for psychological and physiological health.

Is Whitening Applied to Decayed Teeth?

Rotten teeth alone are enough to create a negative image. It is a mistake to think that bruises will disappear with the whitening application. Dentists will avoid applications that will have a whitening effect on teeth with decay.

The patient must first treat existing caries. It is essential to have a filling or, if necessary, root canal treatment. If the bacteria that cause caries are completely removed from the tooth, the whitening process will begin.

You can get help from Mehmet Eker and the experts in his clinic to eliminate existing caries in the mouth structure and have a whiter tooth appearance. By making an appointment at the clinic, you can first have your teeth examined and then, if deemed appropriate, apply whitening.

Don’t forget that in addition to achieving effective teeth whitening in a short time, you can also choose our clinic for general oral and dental health problems. You can get detailed information by visiting our clinics in Bağcılar and Başakşehir.

Does Teeth Whitening Remove Stains?

The main way to achieve whiteness in teeth is to eliminate stains. Stains that may occur due to different reasons can be eliminated thanks to the application. The materials used during whitening destroy existing bacteria. It not only eliminates stains, but also provides the original natural tooth color.
If your teeth are stained due to reasons such as coffee, tea or smoking, you can also apply this method. Spotting may occur again for any number of reasons. Although these stains disappear in a short time, it will be necessary to improve living conditions in order to prevent them from recurring.

How Many Shades Does Teeth Whitening Whiten?

It is almost impossible for every application to produce a common result. The appearance that patients will demand under smile design varies. Depending on the patient’s demands, the method is selected together with the dentist. It will be possible to decide on the tone color upon request.

Although some patients request lightening to their natural tooth color, some patients prefer very light colored teeth such as Hollywood Smile. Even with the normal teeth whitening method, at least 1-2 shades of discoloration will occur on the teeth. If you want more whiteness, you can provide information about it.

What to Do After Teeth Whitening?

After applying tooth whitening on the first day, you should be careful not to put too much pressure on your teeth. Depending on the sensitivity, foods that are difficult to chew may increase sensitivity. It may also cause pain or ache in the future. It should be known that extremely hot and cold drinks can also be harmful.
Dentists do not recommend consuming wine, general alcohol derivatives, coffee, tea and cigarettes for the first 48 hours after teeth whitening. It is also beneficial to stay away from dishes containing tomato paste, which can cause coloring, for the first 48 hours. The first 48 hours are very important to ensure permanent teeth whitening.

Should You Brush Your Teeth After Teeth Whitening?

Brushing teeth is an essential part of life. Although whiteness can be achieved in a short time with professional support, it is up to you to ensure its permanence. If you brush your teeth without interruption, you can achieve long-lasting whiteness.

You should not brush your teeth immediately after the application. If you eat on the first day, you can perform routine dental cleaning after meals. It is also beneficial to be careful in the first days while performing dental hygiene. If you experience sensitivity on the first day, be careful not to bleed your gums.

What Not to Eat After Teeth Whitening?

The list of things that should not be eaten after teeth whitening is clearly defined. The reasons for change in tooth color are clear. Smoking, drinking coffee and tea are the main reasons. Warnings are made by dentists especially in this area. The more their consumption is reduced, the more the permanence of whiteness will increase.

Alcoholic and acidic drinks are also harmful to teeth. While it will destroy the whiteness, it will also damage the tooth surface. One of the things that have a destructive effect on teeth whitening is wine. The desired result can be achieved when red wine, alcohol derivatives and acidic drinks are not consumed.

What Happens If You Smoke After Teeth Whitening?

One of the long-term problems caused by smoking is the yellowing of teeth due to vitamin deficiency and the substances it contains. Teeth look bad with staining and yellowing. If you smoke after teeth whitening, your procedure will not be meaningless.

The way to get permanent teeth whitening is definitely not to smoke. Quitting it completely will be very good for your oral and dental health. Even if you cannot quit, you should at least not drink for the first 48 hours after the whitening process and reduce it in the following periods. This way, you can live with pearly teeth for a long time.

Do Teeth Turn Yellow After Teeth Whitening?

Patients should know that they need to make personal efforts for permanent teeth whitening. Application performed only under the supervision of a dentist will not be sufficient. After the application for teeth whitening, if the patient does not brush his teeth and increases his smoking and coffee consumption, yellowing of teeth will occur again.

It is useful to be careful for the permanence of the teeth. If the whiteness disappears after the application, it will be necessary to undergo teeth whitening treatment again. Otherwise, staining and yellowing of the teeth may increase. To avoid repeating the process in the long term and possible stains; Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are recommended.