Zirconium coating has become a common practice in dentistry. Dental crowns are frequently used in the treatment of decayed teeth, shaping teeth and correcting their color. Zirconium crowns are one of the most popular options for dental crowns because they are durable, aesthetic and have a natural appearance.

Zirconium is an excellent option for dental crowns due to its high strength, durability and natural appearance. This material is more durable than titanium and has a color similar to that of natural teeth. Additionally, zirconium coatings adapt to the gums and gum line, creating a natural appearance.

Zirconium coatings are produced using CAD/CAM technology. Thanks to this technology, dentists can design dental crowns according to the patient’s mouth dimensions. The veneer is then prepared using this design information, produced by a dedicated CAD/CAM system.

What does Zirconium Coating mean?

Zirconium coating is a coating method used to eliminate severe caries, tooth fractures and tooth color imbalances. In addition to common dental coatings such as metal, porcelain and ceramic; With its durability and naturalness, it has become very popular in recent years.


Zirconium Coating

Your teeth can be broken or damaged for various reasons. Your tooth decay may occur due to age and damage. Teeth clenching, grinding, improper closure, consuming hard products, etc. For these reasons, damage to your teeth may occur. Zirconium dental coating is not an application for caries. However, you can prevent tooth decay from occurring.

How is Zirconium Coating Done?

Zirconium dental coating is made by applying known dental treatment methods. The only difference is the method and type of materials used. What is zirconium coating? How to do it?

  • Manipulation is made on the tooth to be crowned. In other words, tooth shortening, scaling, repair, etc. situations are realized.
  • After the tooth is reduced, an impression form is created to fit the tooth.
  • In a laboratory environment; The impression is prepared using CAD/CAM technology in a way that does not damage the tooth.
  • Zirconium substructure is produced in a color suitable for the tooth. It is compatible with the teeth.
  • In the last stage; This form, prepared with special dental adhesives, is integrated into the tooth by the dentist.

What are the Stages of Getting Zirconium Coating?

In the first step of the zirconium tooth coating phase, a clinical examination of the teeth is performed. Attempts are made to eliminate tooth decay and gum problems. After the relevant treatments, zirconium treatment stages are started.

Stage 1: Forming the Teeth to be Veneered ●       Dentist; It applies local anesthesia to the tooth to be treated.

●       The numb teeth are reduced in size and a mouth measurement is taken.

●       Reduction for a single tooth takes 15 minutes.

●       For temporary veneers, this may take several hours.

Stage 2: Preparation of Teeth in the Laboratory Environment ●       Measurements taken by the doctor are sent to the laboratory.

●       The crown tooth is prepared from the model prepared according to this measurement.

●       According to the number of coatings; Between 4 and 7 days, this period may be longer or shorter.

●       Before the veneer is applied, your doctor may call you for a rehearsal in a few days.

Stage 3: Installing the Prepared Veneers ●       This is the easiest and most comfortable stage.

●       By removing the temporary coatings on the teeth; The prepared zirconium dental coating is placed in its place in a controlled manner.

●        This phase is done in 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

NOTE: If deemed necessary; In order to be compatible with your front tooth, cleaning and teeth whitening can be applied to other teeth.

In Which Situations Is Zirconium Coating Applied?


If you are not satisfied with your dental appearance; For a more aesthetic appearance, you can choose zirconium dental coating. In order to have this procedure done, your teeth must have water problems;

  • Rotten teeth condition
  • Gap ratio between teeth
  • Broken teeth that received trauma
  • Teeth with discoloration
  • Tooth structure for which the whitening method does not benefit
  • Missing and aesthetically impaired teeth
  • Too many teeth with bad-looking fillings and root canal treatments
  • Multiple teeth with crowns or bridges
  • Having smile problems due to zirconium coating crooked teeth and gum problems
  • Difficulty in chewing and jaw bone loss

Can Zirconium Coating be Applied to Pregnant Women?

The first 3 months of pregnancy are very important. For this reason, dental treatments should not be performed in the first months of pregnancy unless necessary. However, if it is very urgent, it can be done in the second trimester. During pregnancy; In order to prevent gingivitis or more serious problems that may occur in your mouth and teeth, a good medical check-up is absolutely necessary.

In this way; If zirconium dental coating is done within the appropriate time period, in a good clinic or hospital, there will be no problems. With its expert doctor staff; You can get help in this regard from Mehmet Eker Clinic, which provides problem-free and excellent results even in sensitive work.

For Which Patients Is Veneering Not Suitable?

Zirconium dental operation; It can be performed on people of any age to increase the durability of existing teeth. However, it should not be applied to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people between the ages of 18 and 20 unless absolutely necessary. Since the jaw structure does not fit properly, it should be waited for a while unless it is very urgent.

However, this is where private dental clinics you can trust come into play. Regarding oral and dental health; At Mehmet Eker Clinic, procedures that require great care and sensitivity are intervened in, even in mandatory and emergency situations. If you encounter such a situation, you can make an appointment here.

Can Zirconium Coating Be Applied to Only the Front Teeth?


Although zirconium dental aesthetics is generally applied to all upper and lower teeth; It can be made specifically for both upper and lower teeth separately. It is frequently applied to the lower teeth, especially for strength, and to the upper front teeth, for aesthetic reasons. This process has many advantages. Thanks to the procedure applied to the front teeth;

  • Your dental tissue becomes stronger.
  • It becomes resistant to breaking, cracking and abrasion.
  • Its resistance to corrosion increases.
  • You will have teeth that transmit light, just like a natural tooth.
  • You will have natural teeth, not metal ones.
  • With its compatibility with your gums, you will have healthy gums.
  • Thanks to natural white teeth, you will have an aesthetically beautiful smile.
  • You will have long-lasting teeth.
  • You will get rid of tooth sensitivity.
  • You will not experience any change in taste in your mouth.
  • Your bad breath will decrease and your gum discoloration will disappear.
  • You will not experience an allergic reaction due to metal contact.
  • Thanks to its shiny and smooth surface, you prevent plaque accumulation.

What Should Those Having Zirconium Teeth Be Careful About?

Zirconium coating after teeth; To make the healing process more comfortable and faster, follow the instructions given by your dentist. In addition, based on the comments of those who have had zirconium coating, the following are the points you should pay attention to:

  • You should brush the coats at least twice a day.
  • Be careful not to leave any food crumbs under the coating. If there is any left, clean it after eating.
  • Go for a dental checkup every 6 months.
  • For toothache, you can get help from painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
  • You may experience compatibility problems with the temporary teeth that are bonded in the first place. Remember that this is temporary.
  • Be careful to use dental floss. In fact, use it more often than usual.
  • Be careful with hard-shelled foods. Do not try to break the shells with your teeth.
  • When first attached, pieces of adhesive may get into your mouth. Brush until it goes away.
  • Be patient during the acclimation process.
  • Following the instructions given by your doctor; If the necessary conditions are met, the life of zirconium coating is between 20 and 30 years.

Is Zirconium Coating Harmful?


If you need zirconium coating treatment for your tooth structure; You may have doubts about whether it is harmful or not. However, zirconium coating does not have disadvantages and harms. However, there are situations when it should not be done;

  • Very high degree of tooth gap
  • In case of many missing teeth
  • Excessive number of decayed teeth
  • Too many problematic and decayed teeth in a row
  • It should not be done if anyone is under 18 years of age.

Zirconium or Porcelain Veneer?

In these two completely separate coating methods; You can choose according to your suitable location and budget. You can also make your own decision by seeing the differences between zirconium coating and porcelain coating. You can clearly distinguish this from the table below;

Zirconium Coating Porcelain Veneer
●       It is preferred in the field of metal-free dental coating. ●       Metal-supported durability is targeted. Those who are allergic to metal should definitely inform their doctor.
●       Depending on light transmittance, tooth color is natural. ●       Since there is no light permeability, the teeth are more dull and purple in color.
●       Compatible with gums. ●       It does not fit properly into the gums.
●       Aesthetically, it is very close to the natural tooth color. ●       It looks more artificial.
●       Under construction; Natural teeth are intervened as little as possible. ●       During the construction phase, there is more intervention to natural teeth.


Zirconium Coating Price Information 2023

Zirconium coating prices; It varies depending on the condition of the teeth, their number, quality of workmanship, experience of the doctor and duration of treatment. By comparing zirconium coating price 2022 and zirconium coating price 2023, you can get information about the price information.

Also, if you have decided on this treatment method; For price information, you can get information about zirconium coating from Mehmet Eker Clinic, one of the most reliable clinics. With price information prepared specifically for you; By learning the operation and price details, you can have the teeth with the smile design of your dreams.

One of the advantages of zirconium coatings is that they are less loaded than other materials. This facilitates the precise placement of dental veneers prepared by the dentist. Additionally, zirconium coatings are more durable than other materials. Therefore, zirconium crowns can be used as a long-term solution in straightening and shaping teeth and treating decayed teeth.

Another advantage of zirconium coatings is that they provide a better fit than other materials. Zirconium coatings have a thinner structure than other materials. This allows the crown to become compatible with the natural tooth. Additionally, zirconium coatings have a more aesthetic appearance than other materials. Zirconium coatings offer a color option very close to the color of natural teeth. This makes dental veneers look natural.

Application of zirconium coatings is a gradual process, like other dental coatings. First, the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth to determine the shape and size of the tooth. This measurement helps the dentist design the crown using a special CAD/CAM program. Once the design is completed, the veneer is produced by a CAD/CAM machine.

After the veneers are fabricated, the dentist prepares the surface of the tooth. This procedure is usually a little painful and local anesthesia can be applied to the patient’s mouth area. The dentist cleans the worn or decayed parts of the tooth’s surface and removes some tissue on the tooth. This process ensures that the coating adheres better to the tooth.

Once the preparation process is complete, the crown is placed on the tooth and the dentist checks the tissues around the tooth to make sure the crown fits correctly. The veneer is bonded to the tooth by the dentist using a special adhesive. The adhesive ensures that the veneer adheres tightly to the tooth and provides an appearance compatible with the natural tooth.

Finally, the dentist removes excess adhesive from the crown and shapes it in a way that mimics the natural structure of the tooth. This process helps the veneer achieve an appearance compatible with natural teeth.


Zirconium crowns are more expensive than other dental crowns. However, the durability, aesthetics and natural appearance of zirconium coatings provide value for money. Additionally, the long lifespan of zirconium crowns helps the patient require fewer dental crowns and reduces costs in the long run.

As a result, zirconium crown has become a popular option in dentistry due to its durability, natural appearance and aesthetics. Although zirconium crowns are more expensive than other dental crowns, they help protect patients’ teeth for longer periods of time and provide an appearance compatible with natural teeth.

For this reason, zirconium coatings are preferred as a dental coating option that provides aesthetically satisfactory results and does not disrupt the natural appearance of the teeth. In addition, the durability and longevity of zirconium coatings help patients’ teeth to be less damaged and require less dental coating. Although it is more expensive than other dental veneer options, it is worth the investment in the long run as costs decrease and patients visit the dentist less frequently.

Application of zirconium coatings is a gradual process, similar to other dental coatings. However, after the procedure performed by dentists, patients’ teeth retain their natural appearance and zirconium coatings provide aesthetically satisfactory results. For this reason, zirconium coatings are one of the most preferred dental coating options in the field of digital smile design today.

Zirconium Coating

Zirconium coating is one of the most commonly used methods in aesthetic dentistry today. It is carried out meticulously by a specialist dentist to design the patients’ aesthetic smile.

It can be easily preferred by patients who want to have a beautiful smile. Beyond the aesthetic appearance, the veneer will also create a healthy condition for the gums and teeth. You can have dental veneers for dental health other than aesthetic reasons.

What is Zirconium Coating? To whom is it applied?

Smile design is one of the most common oral and dental applications today. It can be done as a dental treatment or even if there is no problem. Zirconium crowns are an application that can be considered within the scope of smile design.

Curiosity about it causes many questions to be investigated. What is zirconium coating, to whom is zirconium dental coating applied, what are the dental coating prices? Here’s what you need to know about zirconium dental coatings.

What is Zirconium Dental Coating?

Zirconium dental coating is the bonding of artificial coatings made of special materials onto natural teeth. Metal-free and metal-supported coatings are used by specialist physicians.
The main purpose of zirconium dental coating is to change the appearance of the existing tooth. Color changes that are particularly disturbing to patients are definitively eliminated. A pure white natural tooth appearance can be achieved with leaf teeth produced with special materials in a laboratory environment.

To whom is Zirconium Coating applied?

Among the frequently asked questions about zirconium coating is who can have this application. If the patient constantly complains of discoloration and yellowing of his teeth despite having teeth whitening, he can have veneers. Especially frequent consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes causes yellowing. In cases where even whitening is insufficient, coating will be the right choice.
People who are not satisfied with the size of their teeth other than whiteness can have veneers. Teeth in a form that is more suitable for the mouth and lip structure can be obtained with this method. Within the scope of digital dental aesthetics, tooth dimensions are created in cooperation with the doctor and the patient. Thanks to these forms, your teeth can be made longer or shorter than they appear.

Who Should Not Have Dental Zirconium Coating?

Although zirconium dental coating is attractive, it is not possible to apply it to every tooth. It is not preferred to apply to patients under the age of 18. Because the teeth and dental bones of individuals at this age have not yet formed. It is not preferable to perform the application before the jaw structures are settled.

If there is decay in the tooth and this decay has spread widely, the coating method will not be correct. First, if possible, the decay must be eliminated and the tooth must be saved. Otherwise, there is a possibility of losing the tooth due to decay. If the tooth falls out, the coating will also disappear. If the decay cannot be treated, the tooth should be extracted and a crown should be applied to the empty area.

What is the Difference Between Zirconium Veneer and Porcelain Veneer?

Among the applications that are most often confused and compared with each other are zirconium coating and porcelain coating. Porcelain veneer is relatively darker in tone than zirconium dental veneer. Since it does not have a metal support, its shine is far from the appearance of natural teeth.

Zirconium is divided into metal-supported and metal-free. Thanks to its metal support, it does not form a dark color when placed on the teeth. It takes the natural color of the tooth and transmits light. Porcelain veneer is also more fragile because it has no metal support.

Although the lifespan is longer for porcelain veneers, it is lower than zirconium dental veneers. Zirconium coating, on the other hand, has a thicker structure thanks to its supports and alloy. Since it is not fragile, it can be used for 5-15 years. And it is even possible to extend its lifespan.

How is Zirconium Coating Done? What are the Zirconium Coating Stages?

The process is carried out in the best way by following the Zirconium Coating Stages. The path to be followed by the specialist dentist is drawn in advance. Detailed information about the stages is given to the patient before the procedure. In this way, it is possible to move forward by eliminating the patient’s anxiety, if any.

  1. Stage Doctor’s Check: The general oral and dental condition of the patient is examined by the dentist. If there are any operations such as channels or fillings that need to be done before coating, they are indicated. Information is given about how many coatings will be applied to which areas.
  2. Taking Measurements: Taking measurements is necessary for the desired appearance after the procedure. Calculation is made according to the tooth structure, based on the opinion of the patient and the doctor. Preparations are made in the laboratory according to the measurements.
  3. Placement of Veneers on the Teeth: A different appointment is made after the session where the measurements are taken. Preparations are completed within the scope of this appointment. In the second session, the veneers are applied to the teeth. After applying special adhesives to the teeth, fixation is made with beam.
  4. Providing Stage General Controls: The process will not end completely after the zirconium coating. Regular check-ups are necessary to prolong its life and have a healthier oral structure. It is possible to use it for many years with maintenance and controls.

How Long Does Zirconium Coating Last?

The patient’s mouth and dental structure are important in the procedure to be performed. It is impossible to perform the application in a single session. Because a certain amount of time must be spent in the laboratory to make suitable veneers for the measured teeth.

Thanks to two sessions of application, the coating process on the tooth will be completely completed. Zirconium tooth coating takes an average of two sessions, but it may take three sessions depending on the situation. The measurement process will take a very short time in the first session. The bonding process in the second session will take approximately 40-45 minutes on average.

Does Zirconium Coating Cause Toothache or Aching?

After zirconium coating, the patient may experience pain and soreness in the mouth on the first day. Local anesthesia is applied during the application. The main goal is to prevent sensitivity to the gums. At the same time, the reaction to foreign matter on the teeth is minimized.
Although you will act carefully, you may feel a certain amount of pain in your teeth after the effect wears off on the first day. There is no need to get negative emotions as a result of this pain. Because it is a very common and normal situation. After the first day, sensitivity will gradually decrease.

Is Zirconium Coating Healthy?

Zirconium dental coating is one of the healthiest methods compared to other coatings. The fact that it gives the closest and most natural appearance to the tooth is proof of this point. Compared to other coatings, it does not create an artificial appearance. It is important that it receives light like a tooth, as well as a pure white appearance.

Another effective element is that it can be shaped. Since it can be shaped, it can be moved easily in terms of appearance. Therefore, it is possible to state that it is advantageous compared to porcelain veneer. It does not cause any health problems and does not cause dark color on the gums.

How Long is the Life of Zirconium Coating?

The lifespan of zirconium tooth coating made by a specialist dentist is approximately 5-15 years. An average value can only be determined in this way, depending on the quality of the material. However, with factors such as providing necessary medical check-ups and paying attention to dental hygiene, a lifespan of up to 20 years can be expected.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Zirconium Coating?

There are not many situations that patients need to pay attention to before zirconium coating. It will be sufficient to provide general pass checks. Before veneering, it is necessary to solve the necessary fillings, root canal treatments and even gum problems. The doctor states that these treatments should be carried out if he deems them necessary.

There are many more things to consider after zirconium dental coating. It is necessary to avoid hot and cold consumption on the first day after veneering. It is also best to stay away from coffee, tea and acidic drinks that can cause staining. Because acids, no matter how high quality, are strong enough to melt the coating material.

The process will not end with veneering. Being constantly under medical supervision is also a factor that will increase the life of the equipment. It also provides an opportunity to observe your possible gum reactions. Whenever possible, you should follow the schedule given by your dentist and go for check-ups.

Even though there are high-quality and durable coating types, you should not break or consume hard foods on your teeth. You should stay away from hard foods such as hazelnuts, walnuts, seeds and almonds. You should especially try never to break the outer shell of hazelnuts and walnuts with your teeth. Otherwise, you may break your coating.

It would be wrong to limit hard foods to these. Even a chocolate bar that has been stored in the refrigerator will be harmful to your teeth. When you sink your teeth into chocolate and try to bite it, you are likely to damage your teeth. The tooth may come out completely, or it may break and change its appearance.

Are Those Who Had Zirconium Coating Satisfied? Zirconium Coating Comments

In general, the satisfaction rate of patients who have veneers is high. The factor that increases satisfaction will undoubtedly be possible by choosing the right dentist. At this stage, it is best for people to be careful when choosing a clinic.
Its contributions to dental health as well as to achieving an aesthetic appearance increase satisfaction. Having teeth done is a factor that increases self-confidence. If patients wish, it can be done without any color change, even just due to sizing and missing teeth.
It can be seen that there are negative comments as well as positive ones. When examined, negative feedback is related to the quality of the materials used or the experience of the dentist. Mehmet Eker and his team continue to work meticulously in order to increase satisfaction.

Does Zirconium Coating Eliminate Crooked Teeth Appearance? Zirconium Coating for Crooked Teeth

Partial zirconium coating can be applied to individuals who do not undergo orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment cannot always be applied to crooked and crooked teeth. Depending on the hindering reasons, the patient’s aesthetic concerns will increase. However, different methods are being tried depending on both these concerns and health reasons.

Zirconium dental coating is one of them. It may be possible to eliminate the appearance of crooked teeth with veneers. However, the state of distortion is also important. If there is an intense situation, the tooth may need to be extracted. A straighter tooth structure can be created by applying a zirconium dental coating instead of the extracted tooth.

Does Zirconium Coating Cause Gum Recession?

Unless the materials used for veneers are compatible with the gums and mouth structure, they will cause negative images. The most negative symptom is bruising on the gums. For example, porcelain fillings cause gum recession because they are not compatible with the gums. In addition to recession, it causes bruising in the gums.
Zirconium materials consist of a special alloy. There is no material in this alloy that will not adapt to teeth and gums. On the contrary, it is a structure that completely adapts to the mouth structure. It does not cause gum recession in any way. There is no bruising in the meat.

Does Front Teeth Zirconium Coating Appear Aesthetically?

Procedures performed on front teeth cause increased aesthetic anxiety. Getting fillings or crowns on molar teeth does not cause much thought. Because there are few people other than the patient who will notice these teeth. However, the front teeth are the first teeth that stand out during communication.
Since the teeth to be veneered are front teeth, the right material must be chosen to provide an aesthetic appearance. The best material will be zirconium. Zirconium dental coating is the most preferred application on front teeth. Thanks to this application, the appearance will be no different from natural teeth. It also provides a very stylish appearance.

Zirconium Coating Price 2023 Information

Zirconium coating fees have constantly changed in 2023. Economic changes also affect clinics within the scope of dental health. Even though patients want to get price information over the internet, this will not be a sufficient research.

It is forbidden to provide price information regarding the healthcare field on the internet. As a result of this rule stated by the Ministry of Health, dentists can only share price information with the patient in a private way.

If you want to have zirconium coating, you need to see a dentist. This is the only way you can get current prices, depending on the checks to be made beforehand and the method decided. If you wish, you can contact our clinic for suitable offers in a short time.

How Should Zirconium Coating Dental Care Be Done?

After the veneer is applied, it is necessary to pay attention to general oral and dental hygiene. As in classical times, teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. It is necessary to use fluoride toothpaste while brushing.
Apart from brushing, it may also be necessary to use mouthwash. This will not only affect the teeth, it will be effective in eliminating negative bacteria on the cheeks and tongue. Thus, you can gradually extend the life of zirconium coating.
Not only personal protection and care, but also consultations with the dentist are essential. After the veneer, you should talk to your dentist and create a schedule for general check-ups. You can have your teeth checked every few months, although not frequently. Procedures can be applied if necessary.

Is Zirconium Coating Harmful? Are There Any Disadvantages of Zirconium Coating?

In general, having veneers is not a harmful situation. On the contrary, it is necessary for the sake of a person’s health. During the application process, different problems of the patient can be noticed by the dentist. This is necessary for general oral and dental health.
On the other hand, experiencing aesthetic anxiety has psychological effects in addition to general oral health. It is important to eliminate this negativity that affects the patient in general. Dentists provide an advantage as they eliminate psychological negativities as well as general oral health.

Does the tooth under zirconium coating decay?

Zirconium coating is not only applied to the upper surface of the tooth. The process is completed by applying it to the entire surface of the tooth. This process is actually a process that extends the life of the tooth. In single-sided veneers, decay is likely to occur in the back of the tooth.

If the veneer is to be placed on the tooth, the filling and any decay are cleaned before the veneer is applied. It is not expected that caries will form after crowning in completely cleaned teeth. Veneers can also be applied to non-teeth areas. During this application, no decay will occur in the surrounding teeth.

You Can Make an Appointment for Zirconium Coating Single Tooth Price

Veneers do not always need to be applied to all teeth. The number of patients who want to apply treatment to a single tooth due to tooth color change is quite high. That’s why single tooth price information research is carried out frequently.

If you are going to have a single zirconium tooth crown, you can contact our clinic where Mehmet Eker and other dentists are located. After your mouth structure is examined, measurements will be taken and a second appointment will be made. At the end of the second session, you can have an aesthetic tooth structure with veneer.