Digital smile design is defined as creating a more aesthetic smile design of the patient’s smile by using digital technologies. It is the adaptation of teeth, gums and lip elements to the individual.

Digital smile design is made by taking into account the patient’s facial structure, character, gender and facial expressions. These smile designs are analyzed according to the person’s facial proportions and tooth structure with the software used in the field of dentistry, and the most accurate harmonies are determined. In this way, the most appropriate aesthetic and natural smile is created for the person. As can be seen from here, digital smile design is defined as an individual-oriented treatment. The treatment process begins by designing the smile that best suits the person.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design; It is all the procedures performed by dentists using digital technologies to have a personalized, aesthetic smile. What is digital smile design? Before proceeding with the procedure, facial and dental structure analysis is provided. In this way, the patient; The harmony between the teeth, gums and lip structure is also achieved.

For aesthetic smile design; Patient-oriented treatment is applied by aesthetic dentistry doctors. Because the smile that suits everyone is very different. Individual treatment duration also varies. Patient registration is taken in the first session. In the second and third sessions, a digital smile design is determined and applied for the person.


Digital Smile Design

How is Digital Smile Design Done?

In the digital smile design process, it takes 2 sessions to first create and demonstrate the design. After the necessary records of the patient are taken in the first session, in the second session, smile designs deemed appropriate for the patient are presented to the patient thanks to dental software and what kind of treatment process is required is stated. After the patient’s approval, the necessary study process begins. However, if there is any revision, the smile design session may last 3 sessions.

In the first session, teeth measurements are taken using a 3D intraoral scanner. After photographs of the person are taken from different angles, previous sample studies are shown to the patient.

In the second session, approval is first obtained for the patient’s smile design. Whatever procedures are necessary for the gums and teeth are performed. Afterwards, other necessary treatment procedures are started.

What are the Stages of Getting a Digital Smile Design?

When you want to wake up to a new day with a more beautiful smile, negative conditions in your dental structure can be detected with the 3D model of your mouth and tooth structure, thanks to digital dentistry planning. This process is examined in three stages. The first stage is to examine and plan the current situation, the second stage is to apply treatment, and the third stage is to apply permanent treatment.

Stage 1: Screening and Planning: This stage can also be called preliminary examination. After making the decision on digital smile design, what should be the smile design you should do in the first stage?

●       With 3D scanning, the current state of the mouth is transferred to the digital environment.
●       Photographs are taken and examined in different postures and smiling positions.
●       The applications are transferred to the patient in a planned manner.
●       In general terms, the final photo of the personalized digital smile design is shown.


Stage 2: Treatment and Mock-up Application: This stage is the part where the treatment application process takes place. How is digital smile design, known as the second session, applied?

●       Treating decayed teeth
●       Applying filling and root canal treatment
●       Dental orthodontic treatment applications
●       Correcting gum problems
●       Intraoral scanning and treatments are solved with the 3D method.

Stage 3: Permanent Application: This stage is the last part. However, the session duration can be extended if deemed necessary. A permanent smile design is now realized in this section. The practices that need to be done are as follows:

●       Zirconium, porcelain, laminate, teeth whitening, etc. determined according to the patient’s digital tooth measurements. Dental treatment applications are rehearsed and shown to the patient.
●       Once the proofing is completed, permanent applications take place.
●       After the rehearsal, the patient is given detailed information and informed.

How Long Does Digital Smile Design Take?

Digital smile design is the creation of a more aesthetic smile design of the patient’s smile by using digital technology. It is the individual adjustment of tooth, gum and lip problems. Aesthetic smile design is made by taking into account the patient’s facial structure, character, gender and facial expressions.

These smile designs; Thanks to the software used in dentistry; The patient is examined according to facial proportion and dental structure and the most accurate decisions are made. In this way, the most suitable natural smile is designed for the patient. The treatment process should be started to design the most suitable smile for the person. Treatment duration from beginning to end;

  • Digital smile design is made with photographs taken from the patient and models obtained from intraoral scanners.
  • At the first appointment, with the wax-up application prepared on the mouth measurements taken during the examination, the smile closest to the final and the same smile shown in the design is made.
  • It is possible to have a visual idea of the final tooth structure without applying any treatment to the teeth.
  • Digital smile design is carried out in the second appointment following the first appointment.
  • How many sessions does smile design take, depending on the corrections and additional treatments to be made? You can say minimum 3 on the subject. If you do not take additional treatment into account, the average treatment duration is between 6 and 15 days.

Who Performs Digital Smile Design?

This procedure, performed by aesthetic dentists, requires a lot of care and attention. By consulting a dentist who knows his job well, you too can have a beautiful smile. The material used, qualified personnel, quality and price difference will affect who you choose to have it done. The most important of these is to work with an expert team that will design the smile that best suits you.

To have successful, healthy and useful teeth for digital smile design; The connection between the gums, facial muscle, facial bone and joints must be well established by dentists. For a tooth design with all these features; Consult physicians who professionally carry out the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis stages with the digital smile design program.

NOTE: If you want to leave more beautiful facial expressions with digital smile design; You can make an appointment at Mehmet Eker Clinic, with its expert staff and quality design.

Can Digital Smile Design Be Performed on People Under the Age of 18?

Depending on age, wear and tear, and discoloration, your smile may deteriorate. This; It may continue step by step and become uncomfortable over time. At this point, you can get acquainted with smile design.

Smile design; It is planned and carried out in accordance with individual needs. The only requirement for this is to determine an age-appropriate design method. In general, anyone over the age of 20 can benefit from this opportunity according to their needs.


What are the Advantages of Digital Smile Design?

It can easily be said that one of the most important advantages of digital smile design is that the patient can see what kind of smile he will have before starting aesthetic dental treatment. The person’s face is transferred to systems using state-of-the-art computer software. Therefore, the patient can see how he or she will look at the end of the treatment before the treatment begins. There is no room for surprises with digital smile designs. It’s a job guaranteed to make patients happy. The patient can have the smile he wants and fully approves of.

The dentist listens to the patient carefully, takes the necessary videos and photographs, and uses the software to prepare a smile design according to face, teeth, jaw and personality characteristics. The main goal is to provide a beautiful smile while protecting the patient’s oral health. In prosthetic smile design, orthodontic treatment, prosthesis application, implant treatment and gum treatment are performed together. Therefore, it can be said that it is a multidisciplinary treatment process in which the most appropriate and correct smile is designed for the patient with support from all applications used in dentistry.

With digital smile design, the desired results are largely achieved. Once the desired appearance is achieved, the highest quality products complying with international standards are used to ensure that it is preserved for many years.

In Which Situations Should Smile Design Be Preferred?

Smile design is necessary not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also to regulate oral and dental health. It is one of the places you should consult for jaw closing style, tooth structure, tooth alignment and gum treatments. So, what are the situations that require smile design?

  • When there is a single tooth problem
  • After teeth alignment problems, in cases where braces are required
  • Gap problem between teeth
  • In gum problems
  • In cases where the teeth are not equal in length
  • In case of tooth problems that have undergone discoloration
  • In cases of tooth and gum imbalance
  • If the person is not satisfied with his smile
  • When you have a rotten tooth problem.

What is the Durability Period of Digital Smile Design?

Although the durability of digital smile design varies depending on many factors, it can be said to exceed ten years. Factors such as the smile design method, how often regular dental check-ups are performed, who performs the treatment, and the level of dental care affect this durability period. The most important point is that the patient attaches importance to protecting his dental and oral health.

Does Digital Smile Design Provide Permanence?

Thanks to your smile; You may have the ability to be noticed by others. For this reason, your self-confidence may suffer if you have dental defects. Aesthetic smile will not only cover your flaws, but will also make you extremely happy. There are treatment methods that will allow you to achieve perfect smiles through smile design.

If you have doubts about permanence at this stage; You can make an appointment at Mehmet Eker Clinic and resolve your doubts. Thanks to personalized treatment, permanence can be achieved with the correct procedure and method. In addition, you also have great responsibilities regarding permanence. You can achieve this by doing the necessary oral and dental care and getting regular check-ups.

To whom is Digital Smile Design applied?



People who want to have a digital smile design generally consist of people who want to have a much more natural and aesthetic smile. However, if a general ranking is to be made:

  • Stains on teeth,
  • Crooked teeth alignment,
  • Irregular tooth lengths,
  • Disproportion between teeth and gums,
  • Lack of harmony between lips and teeth,
  • Bad gum appearance,
  • Situations such as missing teeth.

Following this smile design treatment, it is ensured that the patient’s teeth and gums are compatible, his face shape and smile are compatible, and his jaw structure and teeth are compatible. While angular teeth are made more aesthetic in men, a more oval and delicate appearance is created in women.

How Much Are Digital Smile Design Prices?

There are many factors in smile design that affect the price. You can determine these factors by consulting a good physician. As a result of the research, the criteria that are effective in digital smile design prices are as follows;

  • Quality difference
  • Qualified staff to do this job
  • Quality of materials used
  • Personalized treatment method
  • The patient’s dental problem degree
  • Advanced technology applications.

Get a price quote from Mehmet Eker Clinic for prices that suit your pocket and start the treatment.

Regain Your Self-Confidence with Digital Smile Design

It’s up to you to laugh with confidence with digital smile design. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, you can have a much more natural and aesthetic smile with digital smile design. You can contact us for more detailed information and get detailed answers to any questions you may have about smile design.