Pedodontics is a word of Latin origin and means “child teeth”. Teeth that appear in childhood begin to change as we enter adulthood. We can call these milk teeth and this is how we met our first dentists as children. This process lasts from the age of six to twelve. In order for these teeth to emerge properly, it would be better for the dentist to perform tooth extraction. Physicians who deal with children’s teeth are called pedodontists. Our teeth in childhood are different in structure and physiology, so they require a different area of expertise. Physicians specializing in this field examine tooth development starting from infancy. Problems that occur during this period may cause more serious problems in adulthood. That’s why early diagnosis is important in dental health, as in every issue.

Why is Pedodontics Important?

The health of our first teeth affects the health of our teeth in adulthood. By paying attention to their children’s milk teeth, parents have taken the necessary precautions to prevent their children from suffering from cavities in later ages. From this perspective, we can understand the importance of pedodontics. We know that our oral health affects the quality of what we eat. The bacteria in our mouth affect our health by infecting the food we eat when it comes into contact with it. In this sense, paying attention to oral and dental health is very important for our general health. In our adult life, it is necessary to have a dentist check-up every six months. Introducing pedodontics specialists to inculcate this habit in your child can help your child feel comfortable in later years. In this way, you can take care of your child’s dental health at home by getting information from an expert.

Who is called a Pedodontist?

These are the titles that dentists earn by specializing in children’s dental health. The primary goal of pedodontist specialists is to prevent children from dealing with caries problems in later ages. It teaches parents and children protective practices in this regard. Experts in this field help protect oral health by intervening early when permanent teeth are missing or damaged. Since these specialists get along well with children, they will prevent your child from developing prejudices against dentists. In addition, in order to specialize in this field, it is necessary to be accustomed to working in stressful and busy environments. They need to have knowledge about children and oral health.

Recommendations of Pedodontics Experts

Oral and dental health should be monitored under the supervision of a specialist since infancy. Make sure your child learns the habit of brushing his teeth from an early age. In this way, you can take early precautions for problems that may occur in the future. Pedodontics specialists adapt methods from other fields to suit children’s physiology, so they can apply the correct treatment. Since children’s physiology is different, treatments applied to adults do not suit the child’s tooth structure and jaw structure. Therefore, it would be better to reach out to experts in this field. Do not forget to get information about your child’s oral and dental health from experts. You should thoroughly research the expert in this field, this way you can go there with peace of mind. You also need to control your child’s eating habits. Acidic drinks, foods such as chips, and trying to use the teeth for purposes other than their function (breaking hard objects such as walnuts) can cause serious damage to the teeth.

How Many Age Groups Do Pedodontics Specialists Deal With?

Those who specialize in this field are interested in the age range from infancy to 12 years of age. They aim to detect future problems of individuals in this age range and to take their oral and dental health under control in the early stages. It is a very important area. Because during this period, they prevent serious problems that may occur in adulthood, including permanent tooth loss. That’s why pediatric dental health specialists are so important. Getting information about oral and dental health problems that occur during childhood and their treatment will help your child grow up as a conscious individual. Tooth brushing habits that are not acquired until adulthood increase tooth decay. It may be very difficult to acquire this habit in the future. Therefore, the habit of brushing teeth should be acquired in childhood. It is necessary to pay attention to what we eat for our oral and dental health. We should not break hard objects with our teeth. In this way, it can cause serious damage to the teeth. Acidic drinks can damage tooth enamel, while drinks such as chips can accelerate tooth decay. These should be taken into consideration not only in childhood but also in adulthood. But today, adults have difficulty in acquiring such habits. To get help on this issue, please contact the dental clinic of Specialist Dentist Mehmet Eker.