Even when we talk during the day, we first look at our teeth. Having aesthetic and clean teeth is the first rule of impressing the other person. Hollywood Smile procedure, also known as smile aesthetics, covers a more attractive, cleaner and healthier appearance of the mouth structure. This treatment method leads to the construction of a harmonious and white tooth structure along with smile design day by day.

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a veneer technique performed by dentists to obtain the perfect color, shape and size of the teeth. With this technique, it is possible to have perfect teeth and smile like Hollywood stars.


Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile procedure, which is very common today, is researched and wondered by many people. With the Hollywood smile, you can have a healthy, aesthetic and white smile. The most common is the dental cosmetic procedure.

Astonishing Hollywood Smile Treatment Method

The Hollywood Smile process, specially designed for you, can be described as offering health and aesthetics together. First of all, the gender, age, arrangement of teeth, facial shape and gum structure of those who will have this procedure are examined. The fact that face shapes are examined in this process detail provides information about the form in which your teeth will be preferred. In this way, you can achieve a perfect appearance with smile aesthetics.

Hollywood Smile transaction details are divided into three according to people’s wishes. The aim is to restore the shortened and worn front teeth to their original structure and obtain a younger appearance with an attractive smile. The aim of this intellectual smile is to give people a mature appearance. With dental aesthetic procedures, people’s tooth lengths are equalized. With a sporty design, the middle teeth are slightly longer than the lateral incisors. In this way, people gain a warm and sincere smile expression.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile?

Having white teeth is not always considered sufficient for people. Variable size and crooked tooth appearance may cause some problems for you from time to time. With Hollywood Smile, which combines dentistry and art, conditions such as symmetry and deformities in your teeth are corrected. It would be correct to express the answer to the question of how to do it as creating an ideal smile design.


Which Expert Performs Hollywood Smile?

This procedure, which is performed by dentists specializing in Hollywood smile aesthetic dentistry, which is more focused on aesthetic appearance, is based on the harmony between teeth, gums and facial muscles for a successful, healthy and beautiful appearance and works to achieve balance between them.

Does Hollywood Smile Provide Healthy Mouth Structure?

When performing a smile design, doctors perform the procedure without damaging your natural teeth. The main purpose of this procedure, which aims to give your smile a more natural and flawless appearance, is to make you shine like a Hollywood star without damaging your teeth.

During the Hollywood smile procedure, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and implants are used to make your smile more beautiful and showy, and your existing teeth are made stronger and more beautiful.

Is the Hollywood Smile Permanent?

The place where the Hollywood smile is made is very important. In order to achieve the smile of your dreams, receiving service from an expert team will lead you to the right result. Hollywood smile is a permanent procedure, but the most important element here is that the person continues his or her dental care without interruption after the procedure.

It is essential that the person stays away from foods and drinks that will damage the color and structure of the teeth. The patient has a great responsibility in preserving the perfection of this smile for many years. If regular oral care is not provided and a diet that will damage the color is changed, the life and effect of the procedure will be shortened.

Who gets the Hollywood Smile?


Since Hollywood smile aesthetics are mostly aimed at correcting the situation that the person is uncomfortable with;

  • To look aesthetically beautiful,
  • To provide a symmetrical mouth structure and smile,
  • Providing an ideal smile for the face

It is a method that can be applied to anyone, regardless of whether they are men or women. You just need to meet certain conditions. To find out whether you meet these conditions, all you have to do is visit Mehmet Eker Clinic and get support from the expert team.

From what age can Hollywood Smile be done?

Since the Hollywood smile is the result of various procedures applied to the tooth, it is necessary to look at the tooth and jaw structure. The development of the jaw bone structure must be completed in case dental implants and crowns can be applied. For this, 18 years of age was taken as the lower limit.

Hollywood Smile for a Perfect Smile

It is now very easy to renew and achieve an aesthetic appearance for people who are uncomfortable with excessively visible gums or who are bored with the appearance of their teeth. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we provide you with an aesthetic dental appearance thanks to the thin ceramics that will be bonded to your teeth, while also providing full protection from factors such as breakage, decay and abrasion that may occur on your tooth surfaces.

Composite laminate or porcelain is used in the process details. Aesthetic appearance is given to your teeth with smile design. For those who prefer laminate in their Hollywood Smile process, the process details are as follows.

  • hollywood-smileFirst, a model is created to reveal the jaw and tooth structure.
  • The ideal tooth form is created with computer aid.
  • In line with this data, dental prototypes are also created.
  • Thanks to prototypes attached to people’s teeth, the appearance of their teeth can be checked. For those who are satisfied with these prototypes, real teeth are inserted and the process steps are completed within 7-10 days.

You can achieve the Hollywood Smile look after these procedure details and have an aesthetically beautiful smile.

Looking Beautiful is in Your Hands!

With the developing technology, getting the look you want has become easier lately. Hollywood Smile designs, especially smile designs, have become widespread. This procedure, which gives the person a completely aesthetic smile, became very popular after Hollywood stars started having it done.

You can achieve a flawless look and make a difference with steps that will support your smile. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we offer perfect suggestions with Hollywood Smile, which will make you attractive. You can wake up to happier days with this procedure that will make you feel good.

Don’t let yellowed teeth hinder your smile


Situations such as discolored teeth and a bad smile are no longer a problem. You can have symmetrical, aesthetic and white teeth with smile design. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we aim to give you a young and energetic appearance with a correct mouth closure and a half-moon or crescent-shaped smile line in smile design. You can contact us for more information and details.

How much is Hollywood Smile Price Information?

The price list published by TDB is generally seen as a guide by dentists and prices may vary accordingly. This change depends on the materials used, the patient’s teeth and mouth structure, and the degree of difficulty. General price ranges for Hollywood smile are as follows.

When dentist examination fee, tooth bleaching fee and implant fees are included in this pricing, it varies between 3000 TL and 30000 TL on average, depending on each doctor and clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Hollywood Smile

In order to obtain an aesthetic dental appearance and have a beautiful smile, tooth surfaces are changed with many different procedures. Hollywood smile is called smile design.

In cases such as unfavorable dental appearance, applications are made according to the patient’s condition. There are elements such as teeth whitening and pink tooth aesthetics. Patients ask different questions about the Hollywood smile. Questions and answers regarding smile aesthetics for a beautiful smile and dental health are as follows:

What Does Hollywood Smile Mean?

The aim of this method, also called Hollywood smile, is to enable patients to have a smile like Hollywood stars. World-famous stars who are constantly in the public eye have a bright smile and teeth.

Patients also want to have the same smile by requesting the procedures they have performed within the scope of dentistry and dental aesthetics. Within the scope of smile aesthetics, gums and teeth are ensured to have a beautiful structure after general applications.

You should know that this application mentioned does not correspond to a single application. It provides a total change in the patient’s teeth by combining many more applications. In case of tooth color, size or missing teeth, separate applications are carried out on separate gums. After the patient’s oral structure is examined by the dentist, treatment methods for the targeted appearance are determined.

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Last?

It is the demand of every patient to have an aesthetic mouth and tooth structure in a short time. However, the duration of this process varies. It would be wrong to say that an equal amount of time is spent on each patient. Since personalized procedures are performed, procedure time information can be given according to the patient.
If the patient only needs teeth whitening, the procedure will be completed in approximately 2 sessions. If coating will be applied, the applications will be completed within 15 days. If implant treatment is to be performed, a treatment period of at least 3 months must take place. Durations will vary depending on the improvement and progress in the mouth structure.

Who Can Have a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile application is one of the most attractive applications among dental treatments. Because today, many people’s teeth and mouth structures are not pleasing to them. It is possible for every patient to have this procedure if they meet the appropriate conditions.

It is seen that people who complain about the color of their teeth resort to this practice. You can eliminate the appearance of yellowish or stained teeth due to different reasons. If your teeth are broken or you are not satisfied with their size, you can make a change through dental treatment.

If you are missing teeth and your smile is distorted due to this missing tooth, it may be one of your choices. You can get a Hollywood smile with implants or veneers. You can easily have the application done and achieve the image you are aiming for.

What Stages Are Followed Before and After Hollywood Smile Smile Design?

Hollywood Smile is carried out by the doctor according to a pre-planned program. The methods to be applied specifically for each patient are decided and the treatment process is progressed accordingly. If you are going to have a request in this regard, you should be informed about the stages.

Stage I Control and Review:

The dentist first conducts an examination to design the most suitable method and smile for the patient. Teeth, oral structure and gums are examined to make a diagnosis and determine the treatment process. Depending on the examination, information about the situation is collected by communicating with the patient.

II. Deciding on Stage Methods:

After the review, the necessary methods for Hollywood Smile are mostly determined. The solutions to the problems will become clear based on the existing problems. The dentist will often recommend the most suitable method to the person. At the decision stage, the patient’s opinions are taken into account. The method is decided and planning is done.

III. Stage Methods Application:

Hollywood Smile methods and planning are done by the dentist. In the final stage, the method that will take the most time is placed first. For example, if implants and whitening are available, the implant is made first and whitening can be done at the last stage. Progress is made according to the dentist’s knowledge and experience.

How to Identify Hollywood Teeth Models?

Standard tooth models and shapes can be found within the scope of Hollywood Smile. In addition to the appearance of snow-white teeth, even dental structures can be seen. According to this situation, which is generally examined by patients, the demands are reflected on the dentists.

Although dental models look beautiful, each individual’s mouth and facial structure is different. Therefore, when determining Hollywood teeth models, one should act individually. The specialist dentist makes recommendations to the patient based on his experience. Especially during coating, the most suitable one is selected with the recommendations given to individuals regarding sizing and color.

What Procedures Are Performed for Hollywood Smile?

Although Hollywood Smile is accepted by patients as a single procedure, the situation is actually very different. In order to have a beautiful dental aesthetic, the patient may need to perform more than one application. There is an increase in treatment practices based on existing problems within the scope of general oral health.

The first method most frequently applied within the scope of Hollywood Smile is teeth whitening. It seems that teeth whitening is needed in every aesthetic appearance. Whitening is one of the most practical and short-term methods. It is also thought to be the method applied in the last stage.

The main method used in case of missing teeth is implant. Implant is one of the applications that takes the longest compared to other applications. It occurs by healing the wound and integrating the necessary materials into the gum.

If the appearance of the teeth is distorted, veneers can be applied to eliminate tiny breaks or to make a whiter appearance. Veneers are also applied in cases of missing teeth. This process takes relatively less time than other applications.

Hollywood Smile applications are not limited to just teeth. Problems on the gums can both lead to tooth loss and negatively affect the existing appearance. At this stage, any problems in the gums, if any, should be eliminated and action should be taken.

Is the Hollywood Smile Limited to Zirconium Coating?

Zirconium coating is one of the most frequently preferred methods for patients to have a Hollywood smile. A veneer would be the right choice for small-scale fractures of the tooth or due to discomfort in its size.
A single coating will make a significant difference in the appearance of your teeth without the need for many procedures. However, the application that should be applied within the scope of Hollywood tooth appearance is not limited to veneers. It also includes applications such as gum treatment, orthodontics, implants and whitening.

Does the Hollywood Smile Differ Between Male and Female Patients?

Obtaining an aesthetic dental appearance is not only gender specific. Women and men may want to have a Hollywood smile to be more self-confident and improve their appearance. There is no situation here that requires people, that is, patients, to feel uneasy.

There are common practices between men and women. The limits of the applications to be made are clear. However, all practices do not have to be applied to every individual, regardless of gender. For example, implants are not required for an individual who has no missing teeth. Most of the time, veneers or teeth whitening are common use methods between genders.

How Many Shades Does Hollywood Teeth Color Lighten?

Achieving whiter teeth color is a must for Hollywood Smile. At the end of this application, people aim to have white tooth color. Most of the time, patients are curious about how many shades their teeth color will lighten.

An agreement is reached between the dentist and the patient to determine the shade. Since each individual’s needs and demands are different, the decision on how many shades to open will be made individually. Those who want to have whiter teeth can lighten 2-3 shades, but for a natural look, lightening 1 tone is usually sufficient.

Do Hollywood White Teeth Have a Natural Appearance?

According to some, Hollywood Smile, which is performed to provide an aesthetic dental appearance, produces better results when it has a natural appearance. Although patients want to achieve a white tooth appearance, this appearance will cause problems in terms of naturalness. It can be found better if it is close to the color and appearance of natural teeth.

If you want to have a mouth structure that resembles natural teeth, it will be sufficient to inform your dentist about this. You can continue the necessary procedures regarding the shape and color of the teeth. As a result of the procedures, you can have a structure with a completely aesthetic appearance, far from artificiality.

Are Those Who Have Hollywood Smile Made Satisfied?

Patients’ comments after the application are shared on the internet. These comments should be investigated by individuals who will have the procedure done for the first time. First-hand comments from experienced people will help you choose a doctor. When you take a look at the comments on the top paths you should follow, you will see that there are both positive and negative results.

The basis of the positive comments is that the Hollywood Smile application is performed with the right experts. If you choose your dentist correctly, there is no possibility that you will be dissatisfied with the result. The basis of negative comments lies in choosing the wrong clinic and doctor.

What to Pay Attention to Before and After Hollywood Smile?

As with every procedure, there are things to consider before and after Hollywood Smile. The most important step before the application is undoubtedly the selection of a doctor. If you choose a dentist who is expert and experienced in his field, you can leave the practice happier.

After the procedure, the healing process varies depending on the method applied. For example, patients must be more careful in implant treatment compared to other methods. There are rules such as not straining the wound area, avoiding hot and cold drinks, and reducing smoking. For teeth whitening, alcohol, acidic foods, cigarettes, coffee and tea should not be consumed.

What is Pink Aesthetics for Hollywood Smile?

In your research on dental design and smile aesthetics, you will often come across the definition of pink aesthetics. Pink aesthetic; It is the process of transforming the gums in the mouth structure into an aesthetic and healthy form. The reason why it is called pink aesthetics is due to the targeted color of the gums.

Although dental problems are noticeable at the first stage, the gums also need to be treated for the sake of aesthetic appearance. Applications are made to eliminate problems such as gum recession, discoloration, and wounds. All of these procedures are considered within the scope of the Hollywood smile.

What are the advantages of Hollywood Smile?

It is seen that patients decide by weighing the advantages before having Hollywood Smile. If you have an idea about its advantages, you can also have an idea about how necessary the application is. Thus, you can decide to have the application done with your free will.

Generally speaking, Hollywood Smile advantages include:

  • The appearance of teeth integrated with the nose and mouth,
  • Aesthetic tooth alignment,
  • Obtaining a clean and healthy appearance,
  • Restoring self-confidence due to aesthetic appearance,
  • There is healthy oral and dental health.

Are There Any Harms to the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile has many advantages and positive customer feedback. There is no situation stated by dentists about its harms. If the patient is over 18 years of age and is not pregnant or breastfeeding, there is no possibility of harm.

Every dentist checks whether the patient meets the appropriate criteria for Hollywood Smile before treatment. It is known that as a result of this control, patients are protected from possible negative effects. Far from being harmed, you can use the application that provides complete advantages and positive returns.

Which Dentist Performs Hollywood Smile Dental Procedure?

Nowadays, Hollywood Smile application cannot be performed by a single doctor. It is seen that more than one specialist doctor comes together to help the patient. Depending on the needs of patients for aesthetic purposes, help is received from specialist doctors.

Mehmet Eker and the experts in his clinic are ready to work to meet the needs of patients! If your dental structure requires an implant, our specialist will work in this direction. Orthodontists for orthodontic treatments or other dentists for whitening work together to help patients reach their goals.

How is Hollywood Smile Istanbul Price Determined?

We continue to serve patients with our Hollywood Smile Istanbul clinics. When determining the price, we determine the patient’s necessary methods. Once the transactions are determined, a price quote is presented, taking into account current costs.

Mehmet Eker and other dentists in his clinic continue to welcome their patients with its affordable prices and easy payment methods. Although it is among the best Hollywood Smile Istanbul clinics, its satisfaction rate is also high. You can also contact us and make an appointment.

Can Hollywood Smile Be Achieved by Using Toothpaste?

Although patients want to have a Hollywood Smile in a short time, not every procedure may be sufficient. Using toothpaste ensures general dental hygiene. It is even beneficial to achieve a whiter appearance on your teeth. However, Hollywood Smile whiteness is not something that can be achieved with toothpaste.

Using toothpaste is sufficient to meet daily cleaning needs. This application requires professional touches. If teeth whitening is to be done for Hollywood Smile, special materials are used for this. An effect far beyond that of toothpaste is achieved. This look cannot be achieved with just toothpaste.

What is the lifespan of Hollywood Smile Dental Treatment?

The process varies depending on the clinic where the application is performed and the experience of the specialist doctor. If the veneer is to be applied, its lifespan will be around 15-20 years, with the patient’s attention. If teeth whitening is performed, it should be repeated every 6 months or 1 year.
Implant treatment is done for a lifetime. Unless there is a major accident or osteoporosis, the patient does not need to repeat the procedure. In orthodontic treatment, if the patient acts in accordance with the rules and uses transparent aligners, it will be a lifelong treatment. Make sure you choose the clinic and dentist.

Does Hollywood Smile Application Pain?

It is impossible for the patient to feel pain during Hollywood Smile procedures. Local anesthesia is applied for necessary procedures. Thanks to regional numbness, no negative emotions are encountered. Thus, the patient does not feel any sensation, but pain and sensitivity may occur when the anesthesia wears off. In this case, the recommended methods, if any, should be applied and painkillers should be consumed.