Laser, also known as concentrated light, is used in many areas. Laser is also preferred in the field of dentistry and is used in various treatments due to the properties of light. Light waves are parallel to each other. It provides the opportunity to direct energy intensively to a very small area. This light, which has a single wavelength, can reach even long distances with the same fineness.

It does not have a radioactive feature like x-rays. So it is an extremely reliable beam. Laser, which has no health risks, can be used on everyone, including children and the elderly. In dentistry, it is important that it is used by an expert. For this reason, it is appropriate to apply it only if it is applied by your physician. Because it is used during very serious interventions.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the name given to laser-assisted treatment for a number of tooth and gum problems. Laser-assisted dental treatments offer a more comfortable treatment opportunity in some dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue compared to traditional dental treatment methods.


Laser dentistry carries some risks. Using the wrong power level and light wave can damage tissues and cause irritation over time. In order to avoid such problems, these operations should be carried out by teams that provide expert services in their field.

Laser treatment is preferred especially in patients with dental treatment anxiety because it is quieter than other methods. In this way, patients do not avoid routine doctor and dental check-ups and begin to experience fewer problems.

Why is Laser Use in Dentistry Important?

There are many reasons why laser dentistry is preferred by many doctors and patients. Since it is less painful than traditional methods, it can sometimes be treated without even needing anesthesia. Additionally, since laser beams are sent only to the diseased area, rapid recovery is possible.

Compared to traditional methods, since laser dentistry directly cauterizes the soft tissue, bleeding and swelling problems are less observed than other treatment methods. This is among the reasons why doctors prefer it.

Why is laser applied to teeth?

Laser treatment can be used to prepare the tooth for filling or to remove tooth decay. Especially in people who have receding gums, periodontal pockets remain in place of the receding gums, and these spaces are filled with food debris.

With the help of laser, the gaps are filled and the gums are brought back into place, thus eliminating the unpleasant appearance. One of the most important features of laser dentistry is that it does not damage healthy tissue while treating diseased tissue.

What Does Dental Laser Do?


Laser is of great importance in dentistry applications. It is frequently used in filling procedures and root canal treatment procedures, as well as in soft tissue treatments, gingival aesthetics, implant treatment, and helps eliminate implant inflammation. Laser is also frequently used in surgical procedures.

Dentistry Laser Technology

In recent years, laser has emerged as a successful technology that is used in almost every branch of medicine. It has settled into our lives as an indispensable technology for operations that require advanced and subtle interventions. Dentistry first used laser technology on gums. However, today it is used in almost every surgical dental operation. The most commonly used lasers in dentistry are as follows:

  • Nd YAG laser is one of the most used. It is generally preferred for sterilization. It provides successful results in the treatment of very serious abscesses and infections. It has a wavelength of 1064 nm. Although it is very effective, it is very costly.
  • Diode laser is a more cost-effective option than Nd YAG. It is widely preferred in dental clinics. It is very sensitive to use because it causes high temperatures.
  • Erbium lasers are preferred for disinfecting caries. Although it does not cause any harm, it cleans bruises without contacting other tissues with its technology.
  • CO2 laser is preferred to cut tissue during gum interventions. It is one of the technologies that requires expertise to use.
  • KTP laser is known for its whitening ability. It is very close in effect to Nd YAG laser.
  • Laser Assisted Dental Treatments

Although laser technology is frequently used in oral and dental treatments, it requires a lot of expertise. Some laser-assisted dental treatments can be listed as follows;

  • Teeth whitening
  • Cutting soft tissues
  • Treatment of canker sores
  • The process of lightening dark gums
  • Gum cuts made to be more aesthetic
  • Herpes treatment
  • Sterilizing root canals
  • Treatment of infections occurring in the gums
  • Stopping bleeding after tooth extraction
  • Implant treatment
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw joint treatment


What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser technology is used in dental treatments, especially to perform surgical procedures easily. Laser is a technology that has been increasingly used by dentists in our country in the field of dental and oral health in recent years. While its use has many benefits for patients, it also makes the work of doctors easier. Painless procedure is one of its biggest advantages. The procedure can be performed without the need for anesthesia. However, it provides intervention before bleeding occurs. It enables wounds to heal much faster after surgical intervention.

1 – Laser Assisted Implant

Implant construction is one of the dental interventions that require expertise. Laser is an ideal method for cavity opening. In addition to making laser-assisted implants, it is also preferred in the dentin roughening process. The procedure, which is performed without contacting the tooth, is performed without pain or anesthesia. For this reason, cleaning of cavities is carried out painlessly.

2 – Laser Use in Periodontics

It is one of the most popular technologies for gingivitis. During this operation, which can be painful for the patient, the pain level is reduced to a minimum thanks to the laser. It is one of the easiest and most hygienic methods of cleaning the dream surface. Blue or green laser is preferred for pigmentation treatment. Laser is also used when making aesthetic smile designs. When adjusting the gum size, it is preferred and the gum is shaped in the most accurate way.


3 – Laser Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction with laser dentistry is more painless and quicker than traditional methods. Laser tooth extraction may be preferred due to its minimal bleeding, antibacterial properties and preventive effect against post-extraction inflammation.

4 – Dental Laser Whitening

Teeth whitening with laser dentistry is a very popular method today. It is not possible to talk about the permanence of this process; like other methods in teeth whitening, it remains permanent for a certain period of time and then slowly loses its effect.

While this process varies between 3-5 years, it is entirely up to the patient to extend this period. The procedure will remain permanent if one eats foods that will not discolor the teeth, avoids acidic and tooth-damaging drinks, and performs dental care routines without interrupting.

In Which Situations Is Laser Application Required?

Laser can be expected to be used in many procedures such as aesthetic teeth whitening, jaw surgery, implants, root canal treatments and to speed up the treatment process. You should get accurate information from your physician to apply laser dentistry at the right time. You can get information by having your check-ups at our Mehmet Eker Clinic.

What Age Is Laser Dental Treatment Applications Suitable For?

Laser dentistry applications are more advantageous than other traditional methods and can be used by children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, as well as diabetics and blood pressure patients. However, what you should pay attention to here is that the doctor applying this method is an expert in his field.


Laser Dentistry

Is Laser Applied After Tooth Extraction?

In some cases, a person may experience excessive bleeding after tooth extraction. In such cases, laser dentistry comes into play to eliminate excessive bleeding, blood spasm and jaw joint pain, and the benefits of laser are utilized.

How Much Are Laser Dentistry Treatment Prices?

Since there is more than one application among laser dentistry applications, prices will vary depending on the procedure you have performed. Teeth whitening may be the most preferred method in laser dental treatments. If price information is given about it, it is possible to say that the price range varies between 2000 TL and 3000 TL.

Laser has become a technology that offers very practical solutions for dental treatment. In this way, gum diseases are treated with minimal bleeding and pain. It is safely preferred in canal, vital pulp and endodontic treatments. As Mehmet Eker Dental Clinic, we design healthy and aesthetic smiles for you by using the latest technology. You can contact us immediately by making an appointment; You can achieve the smile of your dreams.