Gum aesthetics includes a treatment process known as the correction of asymmetric disorders and recessions in the gums. It is ensured that teeth and gums reach the required standards.

Gum aesthetics can be applied to people of all ages and those whose gums and structure are suitable for treatment. Gums that negatively affect social life and present a bad appearance when smiling or talking lead patients with complaints about this issue to turn to gum aesthetic applications.

What is Gum Aesthetics? What Does Pink Aesthetics Mean?

Gum aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics; These are all procedures performed to correct deformities and recessions in the gums. It means that the gum standards remain at the ideal color and size. Sometimes white teeth may not be the only way to have an aesthetic smile. For a perfect digital smile design, the gums must have the desired structure.


Gum Aesthetics

At this point, you can meet pink aesthetics. For magnificent smiles; In recent years, it is one of the most preferred treatments by both men and women. If your gums are visible when smiling; With a comfortable treatment process without any hesitation, you too can have a big smile.

How is Gum Aesthetics Treatment Done?

In gum aesthetic treatment, the treatment method to be applied is determined after the dentist’s control. There are treatment methods that mostly include laser applications to both end the patient’s aesthetic concerns and ensure that the teeth and mouth structure are in standard sizes.

Gum aesthetic treatment methods are determined according to the needs of the patient. Generally used methods are listed as follows:

  • Regenerative: With this method, it is possible to repair damaged tissues.
  • Gingivectomy: It is a frequently preferred method and is applied in case of gingival enlargement.
  • Gingivoplasty: Another frequently preferred treatment method is the correction of overly visible parts of the gums.
  • Crown lengthening is a treatment method that corrects tissue loss in the teeth.

In addition to the above procedures, different applications can be performed depending on the patient’s teeth and mouth structure. Therefore, the examination performed by the dentist is extremely important.

How is the process before and after gum aesthetics?

If you have any gum problems, consult a doctor immediately. By reading the before and after information about gum aesthetics, you will see how comfortable the operation is. All the doubts inside you; You can troubleshoot by reading the information about the process.

Gum Pre-Operation: After the examination, the gum problem and treatment method are determined according to the patient’s complaint. Before pink aesthetics, important problems related to mouth and teeth are eliminated. At the second appointment afterwards, using the necessary methods; To obtain an aesthetic appearance, the treatment process begins. What are the personalized treatment methods?

Regenerative Treatment Method It is a treatment method for the repair of damaged tissues due to gum problems.
Gingivectomy Treatment Method It is a treatment method used for gum enlargement and deepening of the gaps between the teeth.
Gingivoplasty Treatment Method It is the method used for gingival asymmetry problems.
Crown Lengthening Treatment Method How is dental aesthetics done? At the point; The aim is to cut the gum on short teeth and lengthen them. The bone is reshaped and the tooth is made longer and healthier.
Gummy Smile Treatment Method It is the treatment applied when gums appear while smiling. In cases where this is not sufficient, an aesthetic smile can be achieved by lip shaping. The majority of celebrities who have gum aesthetics generally prefer this method.
Flap Treatment Method It is applied for advanced gum problems. It helps in eliminating disorders such as bleeding gums, discoloration and inflammation.
Curettage Treatment Method It is the method used for moderate gum diseases.

After Gum Operation: After local anesthesia, no pain is felt. But just in case; After the operation, you can use painkillers determined by the doctor. Usually after treatment; Since it is a fast and laser-based procedure, it is a bleeding-free process. The recovery period takes 10 – 14 days or up to a month.

How is the Gum Aesthetics Recovery Process?


Gum aesthetics is a treatment performed with local anesthesia. Thus, there is no feeling of pain during the procedure. After the procedure, painkillers given by the dentist are used to relieve possible subsequent pain.

Since the treatment process is generally done with laser application methods, there is no bleeding. For this reason, there is a much faster recovery process. On average, the gum healing process takes ten to fourteen days. At the end of this period, full recovery is achieved.

Who Gets Gum Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics, is suitable for anyone who is disturbed by the problems caused by their gums. Even if there is no health problem; People who are psychologically disturbed are included in this scope. Problematic gums are far from aesthetic appearance. So, in what cases is pink aesthetics performed and to whom is it suitable?

  • Patients with very visible gums
  • People where some of their gums are too high
  • People with large spaces between teeth
  • People whose gums are infected, inflamed and swollen
  • People whose gums have changed color
  • People with a gummy smile
  • People with gingival enlargement

Who Cannot Have Pink Aesthetics?

During pregnancy; The belief that it will eliminate problems related to teeth and gums is not true. In other words, hormonal imbalances experienced during pregnancy; It can trigger gum infections and cause premature birth. For this reason, you should not have pink surgery during this period. Moreover, although there is no age limit; Pink aesthetics are not suitable for people under the age of 17.

Another group that should not have gum surgery is the group that needs gingivitis and tartar cleaning. First of all, oral and dental health problems should be completed and then pink aesthetics should be performed.

Advantages of Gum Aesthetics



There are many advantages of having gum aesthetics. First of all, it can cause tooth loss as a result of deterioration of the tooth structure. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat gum diseases. In addition to aesthetic concerns, gum aesthetics also prevent the formation of dental infections. It is ensured that the teeth are aligned as they should be and the dental tissues are healthier. Problems such as bleeding gums and mouth sores are eliminated. Finally, the patient is relieved of all aesthetic concerns.

Is Gum Aesthetics Harmful?

Gum aesthetics never harms teeth or gums when done correctly. For this reason, gum aesthetics can be easily performed without any worry. In this way, patients can have the desired smile.

In addition to its advantages such as preventing tooth loss, having ideal gum lengths, treating inflammations if any, and getting rid of aesthetic concerns, it can be seen that having gum aesthetics is more beneficial than harmful.

What Should Those Having Gum Cutting Pay Attention to?

After gum surgery; You can speed up the healing process by paying attention to certain rules. Take a look at these points you should pay attention to after pink aesthetics:

  • After gum surgery, there may be bleeding that continues for 1 day. However, be careful not to take aspirin-like, bleeding-increasing and diluting drugs.
  • After the operation, avoid extremely cold or extremely hot meals. Be sure to clean your mouth and teeth after every meal.
  • Comply with the medication list deemed necessary by your doctor and use it regularly.
  • On the advice of your doctor; Brush your gums regularly with a soft toothbrush. Also be careful about using dental floss.
  • Your gums; If you follow these rules, it will improve within 1 month. However, it will take around 2 – 3 months for it to take the desired shape. In this case, don’t worry. Additionally, if your tooth has a crown or bridge, it will also need to be replaced.

Is Gum Cutting Harmful?


If it is done with the right methods and materials, you will see that it does not cause any harm to your teeth or gums. You can easily get involved in this treatment process without any doubts about this issue. While gum aesthetics does not have any harm, it has many positive aspects. When all these advantages are seen; You will also understand that it does more good than harm.

  • It largely solves the problem of tooth loss.
  • Gums and tooth length structure are balanced.
  • If there is gingivitis, it is treated in this process.
  • By preventing aesthetic concerns, self-confidence and smile problems; You can clearly see the psychological advantage, which is the most
  • important issue.
  • The tissues that support the teeth take a healthier shape.

Is Gum Aesthetics Permanent?

Gum aesthetics have permanent results when the correct treatment methods are applied. First of all, the needs of the gums are determined and the treatment process is started accordingly. After the treatment planning, implementation begins.

No matter which treatment method is applied, gum aesthetics are permanent. In this way, the patient is provided with a much more aesthetically beautiful smile. However, after all this treatment, oral and dental health should not be neglected and care should be taken. For this reason, one should visit the dentist regularly and attach importance to brushing and flossing. Thanks to all this care, protection against gum diseases will be provided.

Should Gum Aesthetics Be Performed in a State Hospital or Private Clinic?

When it comes to pink aesthetics, you may have to choose the place that best suits your budget and living conditions. In public hospitals; Recently, many dental problems have begun to be solved in the field of aesthetics, including teeth whitening. The important thing is not the hospital condition, but the choice of quality device and doctor.


Even if your budget is suitable and you want to save time; For aesthetic dentistry, you can turn to private clinics. Based on the comments of those who had gum aesthetics; By making an appointment at Mehmet Eker Clinic, you can be included in the scope of endless, trouble-free service activities. For tooth and gum problems; Thanks to its expert staff and modern technological devices, you can embody your happiness with your smiles.

Gum Aesthetics Prices 2023 Information

With developing and changing technology, prices are increasing every year. There are many factors affecting pink aesthetic prices. By taking a look at the 2023 list of gum aesthetic prices; By making comparisons, you can find the doctor and hospital that best suits your budget and is of the highest quality. What is gum aesthetics? What are the factors that cause price increases?

●       The dentist’s experience and equipment
●       Type of treatment method to be applied
●       Quality of materials to be used
●       The payment option that suits you best
●       Increased session duration
●       Use of high-tech devices
●       Choosing a hospital or clinic

As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we provide high-tech service with our expert and friendly dentists in providing high quality gum aesthetics. You can contact us to get more detailed information about gum aesthetics and have all treatment processes safely. In a sterile environment, our dentists will act with your health in mind and support you during all gum aesthetic processes, making you feel comfortable.

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