Aesthetic dentistry is a process that combines art and science among dental treatment methods. Rather than being a treatment method, this procedure covers the dental treatment process that provides the best result for patients in terms of functional, aesthetic and biological aspects.

This method, which is especially preferred to improve the shape of the mouth and smile quality, may also include increasing the functionality of the teeth. In cases such as teeth whitening, it involves a treatment process that aims to improve the appearance of the teeth rather than the functionality of the teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry is Much More Than Cosmetics

Aesthetic dentistry, in other words, is about individualized treatment. We look at your dental problem and provide the optimum solution for your dental health and function while achieving a beautiful and natural appearance. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, our aim is to rearrange what your teeth would be like if you did not have dental problems and your teeth and gums were in ideal condition. This is definitely not the same as cosmetic dentistry, which involves changing the appearance of your teeth.

In order for people to have an aesthetic smile and teeth, first an evaluation process takes place about the jaw, mouth and facial structure. Then, an ideal and natural appearance design is created in the computer environment. In this way, the appropriate design is presented to the patient and a successful treatment process is organized. The most important detail here is that the targeted aesthetic image is determined according to the social and physical characteristics of the people.

Types of Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry may involve different types of work. Details of these procedures that help straighten teeth:

  • Missing
  • Crooked
  • Stained
  • Crack
  • Chipped

It covers the process of eliminating such conditions and improving the appearance of your teeth. Although it is a detail of the procedure that involves improving the appearance or brightness of your smile, this is not the main goal. The goal of aesthetic dentistry is the process of highlighting the natural health and function of your mouth.

The treatment process, which focuses on the healthy appearance and health of your teeth, is blended with cosmetic products to achieve a natural, healthy and long-lasting smile.

Benefits of Aesthetic Dentistry

This treatment method, which aims at an aesthetic approach, covers more than just building a perfect smile. A number of scientific techniques are blended with artistic skills to achieve a smile that adapts to your natural features and personality. In this way, you will be helped to regain your dental health.

Since the treatment process is applied individually, in some cases it can be completed with a simple procedure, while in others the process can be quite challenging. Although giving a natural and flawless appearance to an old and discolored tooth structure involves a very simple procedure, improving the natural appearance of a decayed or damaged tooth may involve different procedures.

Aesthetic Dentistry is Applicable to Everyone

As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we are here to change the opinion that the investment in aesthetic dentistry to improve the smile of many people is unnecessary. Improving the aesthetic appearance is based on eliminating serious problems that may cause your whole body health and dental health.

The coatings applied in the details of the procedure restore the shape of your smile and refine its shine. In this way, dental implants repair seriously damaged and missing teeth, preventing conditions such as bone loss and gum diseases.

Do not see aesthetic dentistry practices as unattainable. As Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we would like to express that such dental care processes are all you need for your dental health. While you will have healthy teeth and gums, your dental appearance will also improve as a bonus.

What Should Be Expected from Aesthetic Dentistry?

More than just an end result, cosmetic dentistry encompasses the type of care you will receive and the overall dentist’s experience. In this sense, as Mehmet Eker dental clinic, we transform our commitment to providing high-quality aesthetic dentistry into a more modern and carefully friendly care procedure into a high-tech environment.

Our dentists will get to know you and listen to your goals to help you understand how a particular treatment will affect your health and smile. All treatment processes focus on your comfort. We have sterile environment and sedation options to make you feel comfortable.