A dental bridge is performed to replace missing teeth in the mouth. This application, which is within the scope of aesthetic dentistry, is preferred by many patients. Today, the best results are achieved with different applications as well as traditional dental bridges. Thanks to the dental bridge application made by the patients, dental treatment is carried out both in terms of health and aesthetics.

What is a Dental Bridge?

In the most general terms, a dental bridge is made to replace the missing tooth. The missing tooth is eliminated with bridges placed on healthy teeth on the right and left of the empty space. It is not performed as a dental procedure. There must be healthy teeth on the right and left of the missing tooth area. Your dentist can perform this procedure as long as he finds it suitable for you.

Root canal treatment involves different stages compared to applications such as zirconium dental coating. The application is terminated after two or more sessions. Another thing to know is that it is not pediatric dentistry, it is a situation specific to adults. It is especially necessary for tooth loss due to advancing age. It is performed to create a smile design in case of tooth loss due to gum problems.

What are the Types of Dental Bridges?


Implant-supported bridges, traditional bridges and others… It is applied in different types to ensure that the teeth are stronger and do not cause problems while speaking and eating. Bridge teeth will cause changes in their stages depending on the method chosen. But the general stages will be similar.

Your dentist will give you detailed information about the subject before implant treatment. Today, the methods used for dental bridge application are as follows:

A – Implant Supported Dental Bridge

The most common application method will be implants. The reason for this is to eliminate tooth loss without the need for application to the surrounding teeth. In this increasingly widespread practice, teeth are placed on the jaw. If the jaw structure is suitable, the foundation is processed in this area by screwing method. The application is completed with the placement of durable artificial teeth.

B – Winged Bridge

The aim of winged bridge tooth construction is not to damage healthy teeth. Under normal conditions, healthy teeth are reduced in size and dentures are made. However, this practice has a low probability of damaging already healthy teeth.


However, in this application, called winged, the process is carried out by gluing. The back side of healthy teeth is made rough. Strong and health-friendly adhesives are applied on it. Two foot parts are glued to the back of the tooth to act as a bridge. The middle part is fixed by gluing it to the empty space.

C – Tooth Supported Bridges

It is applied when there is a missing tooth area due to any reason. There must be solid teeth on the right and left of the empty space. Healthy teeth are slightly filed down and made smaller. After shrinking, the bridge’s legs are placed on it and glued. After bonding, the fixation is completed and the patient can start using his teeth.

How to Make a Dental Bridge?

The construction phase varies depending on the method to be chosen. That’s why each individual’s processes differ. Because each method will be shaped by the patient and expert opinion. Tooth-supported and winged bridges are based on the bonding method. In the implant part, relatively stronger bridges are established by screwing into the jaw.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Long Teeth Bridge?

No matter which method is chosen, the procedures cannot be completed in a single session. Because these treatments require a certain amount of time to produce the desired results. In the first session, a manual check is made by the dentist. If necessary, root canal treatment, filling and gum treatments are completed.


If there is no problem as a result of the x-ray, the application is approved. In the second session, screwing is done or reduction is made on the teeth, depending on the application. A certain period of time is waited for the teeth to get used to this in order not to strain the oral structure. In the third session, measurements are taken and the color is determined and the preparation of the bridges begins. On average, the procedure is completed in the third or fourth session.

How Long Does a Bridge Teeth Last?

If dental bridge care is provided correctly, the applications will last a lifetime. It will not be damaged in a short time and other teeth are not affected by the situation. If a tooth-supported bridge is to be made, extra attention must be paid to the care of healthy teeth. Thus, other teeth do not experience decay or loss. On average, it has a lifespan of at least 10-15 years.

Is the Appearance of Bridge Teeth Noticeable from the Outside?

As long as you have the procedure done in the right dental clinic, it will have a completely natural structure. Color choice is of course also important. Since the bridge is made in a color close to your other teeth, it is not noticeable from the outside. Thus, a very natural smile design can be achieved.

What should those who have dental bridges made pay attention to?

After a dental bridge is made by dentists, patients need to be more active in the process. The more he is active and pays attention to his care, the more his satisfaction will increase. After dental bridge treatment, patients must pay extra attention to dental cleaning.


Dental Bridge


Teeth should be brushed at least twice every day. Special toothpastes suitable for bonding should be used during this brushing. It is especially necessary to prevent the adhesives from being damaged and the gums from being damaged. It should also be taken into consideration that gargling is necessary to prevent accumulation on the lower parts of the teeth.

Who Should Have a Dental Bridge?

It will be possible for patients to have a dental bridge within the scope of certain complaints. For this treatment, patients must have missing teeth. It is performed both for healthy teeth and for areas where there are no teeth. On the other hand, patients must not have any problems with their gums and jaw structure. Otherwise, dental bridge treatment cannot be performed by dentists.

How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

Dental bridge application is performed by specialist dentist Mehmet Eker and his team. You can get all the services you need for your dental health in our clinic. Before the procedure, dental bridge fees will be wondered. You can contact us to get the most up-to-date prices or visit our clinic by making an appointment.